Climate Neutral is an independent non-profit organization working to decrease global carbon emissions.

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We get brands to decrease their emissions with our streamlined, trusted certification.

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We enlist brands by showing that immediate climate action is possible, and proving that consumers care.

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We measure impact by the tonnes of carbon our brands measure, offset, and reduce.

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Our Mission

Climate Neutral works to decrease global carbon emissions by getting brands to measure, offset, and reduce the carbon they emit. We believe consumers and brands must work together to drive the world toward the zero net emissions future that science tells us we urgently need.

We built a simple set of tools and a certification that makes carbon footprinting more accessible, sets clear guidelines for carbon offsetting, and inspires brands to work on reducing emissions directly. 

When a brand gets certified, it achieves zero net carbon emissions for all of the carbon it creates while making and delivering its products or services for a year. The Climate Neutral Certified label makes it easy for consumers to find certified brands. 

We envision a world where all consumers have the ability to choose brands that take responsibility for their carbon emissions, and all brands have the tools to do so.

The History of Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral was born out of the direct experience of our two founding organizations, BioLite and Peak Design, which have been carbon neutral since 2012 and 2018. They knew first-hand that every business contributes to climate change, but most businesses find it too complicated and confusing to do anything about it. 

Jonathan, CEO of BioLite, and Peter, CEO of Peak Design came together with the shared belief that calculating and decreasing footprints could be made far simpler, and if it were, more businesses would do it. Together with their teams, they launched Climate Neutral in early 2019.

After months of designing a credible certification process, building our value chain carbon footprinting tool, recruiting brands, and building our team, we certified 145 brands for their 2019 emissions, offsetting more than 200,000 tonnes of carbon.

Addressing growing consumer demand and the planet’s need for urgent climate action, Climate Neutral connects brands of all sizes and shapes with the tools and partners to reliably and quickly measure, offset, and reduce their contribution to climate change. Our certification amplifies the visibility and value of a brand taking responsibility for their carbon.

We have our sights set on scaling our impact and are now welcoming brands to get certified for their 2020 emissions. Join us in our mission to decrease global carbon emissions.

The Team

Austin Whitman

Austin Whitman

Chief Executive Officer

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Caitlin Drown

Caitlin Drown

Brand Engagement Manager

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Isabella Todaro

Isabella Todaro

Program Manager

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Board of Directors

Peter Dering

Peter Dering

CEO, Peak Design

Jonathan Cedar

Jonathan Cedar

CEO, BioLite

Sierra Peterson

Sierra Peterson

Lionheart Ventures

Jane Franch

Jane Franch

Director of Strategic Sourcing & Sustainability, Numi Organic Tea

Gihan Amarasiriwardena

Gihan Amarasiriwardena

Co-Founder and President, Ministry of Supply


Greg Norris

Advisor on Methodology Development for GHG Measurement

Ian Monroe

President & CIO, Etho Capital

Liz Willmott

Program Strategy Manager

Stephanie Sharron

Legal Advisor/Partner, Morrison Foerster

Advisory Committee

on Eligible Carbon Credits

Reviews and advises on Climate Neutral's standards for carbon credit verification. This helps ensure the highest impact from certified brands' carbon offsetting investments.

Brian Jones

Senior Vice President, M.J. Bradley & Associates

Cathy Diam-Valla

Owner and Manager, Accessible Energy

Charlotte Streck

Co-Founder and Director, Climate Focus

Dan Nepstad

Executive Director, Earth Innovation Institute

Derik Broekhoff

Senior Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute

Matt Evans

Chief Executive Officer, Up Energy Group

Max Scher

Head of Clean Energy & Carbon Programs, Salesforce

Nancy Bsales

Carbon Offset Strategist, Freelance Consultant

Seth Baruch

Chief Executive Officer, Carbonomics

Advisory Committee

for the Climate Neutral Standards

Reviews and advises on our Climate Neutral Certified standard to assess and create alignment with other global standards and evolving definitions.

Barbara Wong

Product Director, Yerdle Recommerce

Eric Brody

Principal and Founder, Shift Advantage

Georgia Basso

Independent Consultant

Marie Gustafsson

Senior Consultant, South Pole

Marisa Sanchez Urrea

Senior Manager, Point Advisory

Michael Sadowski

Consultant, Erb Institute, University of Michigan

Sarah Leugers

Director of Communications, The Gold Standard Foundation